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Though I made my pledge to thee

By night I may my oath forfeit,

And let my gaze wander and rest

Upon an erstwhile love confessed

And lost! Where fate did not merit,


The joining of two fum’bling hands

That strove to fend off frowning eyes

The glare of which then loosened ties.

And though the mind does understand,


That plighted I my troth to thee,

And reigned in firm the searching eyes,

The aching heart the vows defies

That uttered I unwillingly.


Old love by night, thus I retrace,

When slumber stays thy weary lids.

And though it is thy lips I kiss,

I see another in thy place.


Archaic verse has always been my baby, and though traditional poetry seems to have a dwindling readership in the face of free verse and the rise of the spoken word, I can’t help but go old-school. Do leave your comments! Thank you 🙂

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The Romantic

Here’s some satiric poetry inspired by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s cocky modern verse. (I’ve attempted to use the anapest, but since this is my first attempt, I’m not quite sure about the success of my execution) 

There lived a romantic with daydreams of gold,

He brooked and confessed love in words proud and bold

To every dame passing his idle sojourn,

His days fancy prose and gay songs did govern.


One day, he descried a fair maiden in white,

Who blushed at his glance, clutching wild flowers tight,

And danced in the breeze, singing softly and sweet

As peaches in spring was the minstrel indeed.


The noble young man was as charmed as can be,

He gripped his pale pen and spewed rich poetry,

Before he accosted the beauteous broad,

And said, drunk with love (Oh, I pity the sod),


“Young lady be mine, and my heart claim to keep,

Pray, claim that I put that blush there on your cheek,

Forsooth, your decline would condemn me to weep-

Oh, can we but truly get married this week?”


And giggled the lady, so flattered she was,

And took his firm hand- no demurring, no pause-

“I’ll be your fair bride if you’ll give me your all;

The songs of your strength your pale pen stands to scrawl.”


And so the two youths sauntered down hand in hand,

Into the red sunset, towards lonely lands,

Where, smitten, the lad did indeed use his pen

To evince his zeal in the arable glen.


So truly he loved her, so soundly he slept,

And dreamed of the rosy-cheeked babes he’d beget.

When dawn graced their shady nook with golden shine,

He woke with the glow of manhood in its prime.


And seeking the bringer of joy bountiful,

He turned on their mossy bed, saying, “Beautiful…?”

But oh, there was naught but a few broken leaves

Where lain had the wonder of his youthful dreams.


And found he his pen and a note in the cap,

Saying, “Night was great, honey, and so was the nap…

But now that your pen and free verse I have seen,

To stay and get married, no more am I keen.”


The poor young romantic lamented and wept,

His spirit was shattered and sundered and swept

Into the forsaken brown valley of woe,

Alas, off the cliff then himself he did throw.


‘And what of the vixen?’ concerned, you enquire.

Oh, stood she before a mirror to admire

Her newly combed tresses and fresh powdered jaw,

And thought of the foolish young lad to guffaw.


So folks, this dour tale does bespeak the sour truth-

Beware, naïve young maidens and hon’rable youth,

Don’t let the romantics your standards perplex,

It’s really quite simple; it’s all about sex.





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An inspection of the situation

unveiled several reasons

for my desolation.


…he was stolen from me


Retrospection, being inevitable,

triggered an evolution

of these reasons.


…he chose to leave me


But it was introspection,

forcing the cold daggers

into the hollow between my ribs,

that finally showed me the truth.


He was never mine.

sad chick


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A Lover’s Farewell: Her Word

This poem is a follow-up to “A lover’s Farewell” and is the woman’s reply to her lover bidding her goodbye. Please read “A Lover’s Farewell” before this, if you haven’t already done so.

I see the light catch in your eyes,
Lamp shone of hope where ambition sighs
Restless within, your soul does seek
To fill for good the void bleak

In your heart- A thirst that can’t be quelled
With a woman’s love, or the love you felt
In return for her. I see now why
Togetherness adjourned, you must fly.

For, if you chose behind to stay
More would be left than your dream to fray.
Your zeal, the spark I hold so dear
Would die, and your buoyant spirit fracture.
You, who beauty sees in a world so dark,
Pray, let no fate ever steal that spark.

And if you stayed, score years from now,
When life lived, to old age we do bow,
Regret would poison your review of paths
Trodden, and resent love that touched our hearts.

So I fear! Ergo I chide
Myself, and attempt the pain to hide
In rational thought, and let you go
Gracefully, lest denial makes a show.

Ah, but through my mask you see, of course.
You read my eyes for better or worse.
You know my soul, you know my mind-
Understanding that only love can find.

But brook no guilt, let burn on bright
The rage. And let not cloud your sight
The knowledge that my heart will weep
Without you by my side to keep.

Until Thanatos calls, for you I’ll wait,
For threads so entwined cannot separate
Even when spun with Moirai’s might
Though time will dim youth and beauty’s light.

Go live your dream, go find your place
I’ll hold onto the memory of your face.
This ache I’ll savour; marks a tie so deep,
I know you will come, your word to keep.

Rhyme Scheme: AABB…

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A Lover’s Farewell

Many miles will be between us soon,
Much sand and sea after one more moon.
We, who’re little more than one,
Shall not together see the sun.

I await and dread alike the morrow
The weight of the choice to leave does harrow
Me now, but I don’t regret
This attempt to fly that a dream begets.

Ergo, it’s a dream that takes me from you
Must I then greet the fire with rue?
I cannot! It’s in our nature to want
More than can be had. It does haunt
Me – This need to pursue that which
My heart with stillness will enrich.

Shew selflessness your silence does-
My guilt to flay you hush the buzz
That wreaks havoc, in your mind, of pain.
Your effort does my conscience stain.

For, the unsaid gloom your eyes do speak,
A reprieve, as do mine, they seek
Your face to savour one last time,
Lest I forget the magic when your eyes meet mine.

Dear, no end this is. I pledge that no
Sylph or divine beauty shall sow
The seed of doubt that questions our love-
Beyond Venus, too, who smirks from above.

When that dream’s a dream no more, one day,
Into your heart anew I’ll find my way.
Until then, sometime, spare me a thought,
Grace my love, dearest, forget me not.

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