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Curse not the man who screams at you,

And smites you with convulsing lips.

No lasting grudge let stain and hew

Your heart, that fragile peace equips.


For, only one whose dark inside

Has atrophied with time and pain,

Will fire spit, in rage confide,

As joy to share does not remain.


Featured image courtesy deviantart (a beautiful lie)

13 things you should know before traveling overnight by Indian railway:


Coimbatore to Mumbai: Lokmanya Tilak Express
  1. Don’t follow the herd at the station, everyone only knows which platform the train is arriving at after it has arrived.

  2. You will discover a whole new avenue of boredom-eating (and the olfactory-tantalizing aroma of samosas sold almost perpetually doesn’t help).

  3. Wear pants the waistbands of which can be loosened.

  4. Your mother will develop a sudden and unprecedented interest in your Kindle just when you reach the part where King Theoden dies in The Lord of the Rings (Oops. Spoiler alert.)

  5. People will always ask, “Papa kidar hai?” When they see a mother-daughter duo traveling alone.

  6. Don’t scream at the sight of that small, dark shape between your luggage under the seat, it’s probably just the boy-next-door’s runaway sneaker. Probably.

  7. Butt aches are inevitable.

  8. The travelers in your coach will be in a covert contest to see who can snore the loudest.

  9. Ergo, you are likely to dream of dying elephants, before waking in the middle of the night to find it was your cochlear nerve that was dying.

  10. Reading into the night has a whole different appeal to it… solitude in a tube full of sleeping people gives one an odd sense of solace.

  11. Despite being advised against the same, use the restroom at stations (or halts) to avoid peeing on your shoes.

  12. A two-tier A/C coach is usually monopolized by old people, and a 3 tier coach by screaming children.

  13. Scratch that. The screaming children reign EVERYWHERE.

    Ek rail safar ki baat: Berth of boredom