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Often, the fear of venturing outside our comfort zone keeps us from enjoying beauty and observing personal growth. Our own minds fetter us, leaving us tethered to the mundane, and it takes a great amount of resolve to break out of this cognitive framework. “Windows” reflects on the joy of freedom that comes with “opening that window” of possibility.

[This is the first time I haven’t used quatrains. Rhyme scheme used: ABABBA….]

Every morn by the window reclining,
I gaze at nature’s tapestry.
Shimming boughs with tendrils curling,
Miniature spirals festoon the tree,
That for sheer proximity within can see.
Thus we bond over mutual gazing.

Day after day, at leisure, I stare
At a waterfall of red-studded green,
Epitome of nature’s bounty bare,
Separated by glass on which I lean.
Tantalizingly close, I always mean
To twist that latch, scorn my locked-up lair.

But I cave, alas, to the compelling force
Of the words “never have before” that ring
In my mind, and the brawl that thus follows
Is won by non-action that fear does bring.
Ergo, the copper pods that knock and swing
At this barrier clear I ignore, morose.

Then one day, comes a coppersmith barbet
And sits pretty on the sill without.
His hues enchanting- garnet green knit
With crimson and black. He hops about,
With a bobbing head questions my doubt,
Those soulful eyes with invitation lit.

And lo! My heart is overcome!
The suppressed urge comes bursting forth
Like a raging bull left free to run.
I throw open the windows I’d grown to loathe
And laugh with relief rather than mirth
And cry for no glass filters the sun.

The barbet flutters overhead.
In approval, treats me with a song
And perches on the window with tread
Triumphant, that declares the wrong
Conquered, after confining me so long.
My cheeks flush to match his bonnet red.

My acquaintance visits everyday,
Confers mellifluous delight
So apart from man-made noise, so gay.
Takes my heart with him as he takes flight
And soars to reach the heavens. The height
Of freedom takes my breath away.



A reluctant cynic with a morbid fascination for skulls and Schopenhauer's philosophy. Sugar addict. Poetry lover.

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