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A Lover’s Farewell: Her Word

This poem is a follow-up to “A lover’s Farewell” and is the woman’s reply to her lover bidding her goodbye. Please read “A Lover’s Farewell” before this, if you haven’t already done so.

I see the light catch in your eyes,
Lamp shone of hope where ambition sighs
Restless within, your soul does seek
To fill for good the void bleak

In your heart- A thirst that can’t be quelled
With a woman’s love, or the love you felt
In return for her. I see now why
Togetherness adjourned, you must fly.

For, if you chose behind to stay
More would be left than your dream to fray.
Your zeal, the spark I hold so dear
Would die, and your buoyant spirit fracture.
You, who beauty sees in a world so dark,
Pray, let no fate ever steal that spark.

And if you stayed, score years from now,
When life lived, to old age we do bow,
Regret would poison your review of paths
Trodden, and resent love that touched our hearts.

So I fear! Ergo I chide
Myself, and attempt the pain to hide
In rational thought, and let you go
Gracefully, lest denial makes a show.

Ah, but through my mask you see, of course.
You read my eyes for better or worse.
You know my soul, you know my mind-
Understanding that only love can find.

But brook no guilt, let burn on bright
The rage. And let not cloud your sight
The knowledge that my heart will weep
Without you by my side to keep.

Until Thanatos calls, for you I’ll wait,
For threads so entwined cannot separate
Even when spun with Moirai’s might
Though time will dim youth and beauty’s light.

Go live your dream, go find your place
I’ll hold onto the memory of your face.
This ache I’ll savour; marks a tie so deep,
I know you will come, your word to keep.

Rhyme Scheme: AABB…



A reluctant cynic with a morbid fascination for skulls and Schopenhauer's philosophy. Sugar addict. Poetry lover.

5 thoughts on “A Lover’s Farewell: Her Word

  1. I am so amazed by your depth of thought process already… I am your fan @ completely awed by the way you write.. Lovely stanzas.. Waiting for the next one..


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