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A Lover’s Farewell

Many miles will be between us soon,
Much sand and sea after one more moon.
We, who’re little more than one,
Shall not together see the sun.

I await and dread alike the morrow
The weight of the choice to leave does harrow
Me now, but I don’t regret
This attempt to fly that a dream begets.

Ergo, it’s a dream that takes me from you
Must I then greet the fire with rue?
I cannot! It’s in our nature to want
More than can be had. It does haunt
Me – This need to pursue that which
My heart with stillness will enrich.

Shew selflessness your silence does-
My guilt to flay you hush the buzz
That wreaks havoc, in your mind, of pain.
Your effort does my conscience stain.

For, the unsaid gloom your eyes do speak,
A reprieve, as do mine, they seek
Your face to savour one last time,
Lest I forget the magic when your eyes meet mine.

Dear, no end this is. I pledge that no
Sylph or divine beauty shall sow
The seed of doubt that questions our love-
Beyond Venus, too, who smirks from above.

When that dream’s a dream no more, one day,
Into your heart anew I’ll find my way.
Until then, sometime, spare me a thought,
Grace my love, dearest, forget me not.

—A dramatic monologue of someone addressing his sweetheart before leaving home to try and realize his dreams and aspirations.—



A reluctant cynic with a morbid fascination for skulls and Schopenhauer's philosophy. Sugar addict. Poetry lover.

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